Atlabara Beats Hilal Juba 4 to 2 goals in Independence Cup


JUBA - Atlabara Football Club beat Hilal Football Club of Juba 4 to 2 goals last Monday. Atlabara was playing in yellow uniform while Hilal appeared in blue. Currently in the capital Juba, football fans are concerned and restless as they follow up the ongoing tournament of the South Sudan Independence Cup. This tournament, being a cradle and one of great local sport events to be conducted since the Independence Day was something great to watch. The event was the initiative of the Central Equatoria Football Association (CEFA). It was the event that should be encouraged in order to aid our national team with younger football talents in the coming few years to come. This was why the Citizen daily newspaper moved in to cover part of the events though we joined in a bit late. The competition was and is still being played till the final after two days’ time. The ten teams are matched so that the five teams within each group have to compete among themselves for the last four places in the semifinal. In other words the five teams within a group will have to compete among themselves so as to eliminate three teams from each group. That is to say, the champions and the teams in the second positions in each group will qualify for the semifinal and the final match of the independence tournament. The teams were grouped as A and B. Group A was topped by Hilal as the Champion followed by Nasir. Atlabara championed the group B followed by Malakia. The qualifiers for the semifinal crossed with each other as Atlabara crossed to play with Hilal on Monday 5th September. The football clubs which participated in this tournament are lined-up in the following table.From group A Hilal being the Champion of the group and Nasir being the second qualified for the semifinal.  From group B Atlabara is the Champion of the group while Malakia is in the second position and qualified for the semifinal. The semifinal commenced Monday 5th September 2011. The match between Atlabara and the Hilal took off around 19:18 PM in Juba Football stadium where we were able to meet some officials of the two Football clubs. From the Atlabara FC we (I and the cameraman Achien Aguer ) met Hon. Phillip Koti Walla who is the Chairman of the Atlabara Social and Sports Club. The Atlabara FC coach is Peter W. James. We will get into the details of the history of these sport clubs as we continue to cover their sport events. However a single line about the Atlabara FC is that the club was established in 1972.I wasn’t able to meet the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Hilal Football Club. However I was able to meet the Secretary of the club Mr. Henry Danny and the football coach Mr. Ramzy Sebit.  Hillal juba was established in 1957 by Arab traders who came to South Sudan at that time. At the moment it is mainly run by South Sudanese sport specialists. Indicative of its early history, I saw a long line of tournament cup won by the club during its early days. In addition to its long history, the members of the club were also proud and happy to show that the presence of their club has been noticed by the SPLM office in Juba who contributed with about 1000 chairs to them.  The club is expressing many thanks to the SPLM under the leadership of President Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit whom they see as a person who showed some clear and tangible encouragement to their sport club and sports all over South Sudan in general.The match resulted into 4 goals scored by Atlabara against 2 by Hilal.  This gives Atlabara a big reason to celebrate as we witnessed them “Atlabara naar Barra” song. The song means Atlabara is ever ready with fire. The results means that Atlabara will be playing in the final against the winner of the match that was to be played yesterday Tuesday, September 6, 2011 between Nasir the second champion in group A against Malakia which is the second from group B. The winners will play the final. In the final the winners gets the Independence cup and the club in the second position will only receive their medals.

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