MPs Sheds Tears over Audit Report to Parliament

JUBA - The first Audit report was read to the South Sudan National Legislative Assembly yesterday by the Auditor General of the Audit Chamber Steven Wondu. The report reveals that the former Government of Southern Sudan has embezzled the national funds for the year 2005-2006.
Government financial reports which came five years late had covered six principal elements of the annual budget of the former GOSS i.e. Oil Revenue, Non-oil revenue, payroll expenditure, operating expenditure, capital expenditure, bank and cash accounts and states accounts.  The report indicates that in 2005 oil-revenue the Government of National Unity transferred US$ 580,037,639  but contrary GOSS financial statements acknowledges a receipt of US $ 684,065,307 which indicates inaccuracy in figures due to GOSS.  Furthermore, there was no evidence obtained on collection of non-oil revenue by neither GOSS nor states and non-oil revenue was not reflected by the GOSS for the two consecutive years.  While in payroll expenditure 15 institutions of GOSS did not prepare their payroll and is to account for 81% of the salaries paid which is equivalent to US$ 440,711,240 of the total payroll for 2006. The report cited that an Employee from Land Commission in 2006 for three months was able to receive a salary and allowances amounting to US$ 48,420.  It is also noted that all the contracts which were awarded in 2006, 90% of them were single source contracts thus risked the misappropriation of public funds.  Nevertheless, the financial statements indicate oversight of US$ 288,000,000 which was meant for roads construction in Northern Bahr-El-Ghazal State by Eyat Roads and Bridges, the former Minister of Roads and Transport and the Speaker of Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly deny knowledge on that money and all were lost.  There is no bank and cash balances obtained in the financial statements and the Auditor General Steven Wondu said in his opinion that the Financial Statements of GOSS for the year 2005-2006 and the income and expenditure do not present a true and fair financial position.The reports also pointed out that in 2006, the following Institutions exceeded approved budget without any legal authorization from the Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly, Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning by 1982% variance was US$ 106,481,812.00, Ministry of Environment, Wildlife, Tourism and Conservation by 682% and variance was US$ 26,134,034.00, Local Government Board by 672% variance was US$ 7,077,854.00, Southern Sudan Relief Commission by 515%, the variance was US$ 25,704,414.00, Southern Sudan Human Rights Commission by 421% the variance was US$707,744.00, Ministry of Labor and Public Service, by 413% the variance was US$ 17,607,268.00 and Telecommunication and Postal Services by 324% and the variance was US$ 5,815,049.00.   In a related development, after the presentation, some Members of Parliament burst into tears expressing dismay on how the former Government had misused public funds without accounting for it.  MP Matur Makuer, from broke into tears while holding the micro-phone stressing that he did not know if South Sudanese citizens are suffering while some individuals benefitted from the public funds.  MP Agnes Nyoka also in a very sad mood said it was a very awful moment for the Assembly to realize that public funds were misused by the Government and services were not delivered to the citizens.   The Audit report was referred to the Parliament Committee of Public Account to work on and report back to the house for deliberation.

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