Egyptian Forces Join SAF in War against SPLA South Kordofan

Unexploded antonov bombshell seen in Southern Kordufan.
Antinov bombshell

JUBA – The humanitarian coordinator of humanitarian organizations, in South Kordofan Lazim Suleiman in a telephone message to The Citizen Newspaper from South Kordofan alleged that Egyptian forces have joined SAF in the war against the Nuba and that, they have protested to the UNMIS on Tuesday against the presence of the Egyptian forces which were brought by the NCP. The Government in Khartoum said they have brought the Egyptians to help the SAF in protecting the citizens but instead they are involved in fighting and killing civilians across Southern Kordufan state.

“Following the series of air bombardment in South Kordufan region by the Sudan Army Force, we are calling the international community to immediately intervene in the crisis because we fear it would lead to genocide,” Lazim said.

The coordinator of humanitarian organizations, said that they need the intervention of the international community to stop the killing of civilians by air bombardment which is being carried out by the Sudan Army Forces (SAF) of Khartoum.

He said that on Tuesday, the Antonov bombed one of the markets called Kurti leading to many  civilian deaths and hundreds were wounded or displaced.

Lazim stated that, the women particularly are angry with the Egyptian forces and they demand for their immediate withdrawal from South Kordofan and appealed to the international community for speedy intervention to stop the escalation of conflicts on the ground.

“SAF are killing the Nuba people and this will lead to genocide like what have happened in Darfur,” Lazim said.

Lasim said that every day there is an experience of air bombardment by SAF Antonov planes in different parts of South Kordufan.

He condemned the act carried by the SAF against the civilians of Nuba describing the situation as tense for the civilians are killed every day.

The coordinator further called upon the international community to respond to the crisis across the region to stop the air bombardment by giving no fly zone to the region by SAF Antonov and jet fighters.

He said that, the National Congress Party was telling the displaced people to go back to Kadugli and as a result they are targeted and slaughtered everyday.

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