Why Pagan resignation turn public concern?


Internet politicians have tasked themselves with debate of issues related to the resignation of the SPLM Secretary General Comrade Pagan Amum Okiech when the nation awaited for positive debate for the building of the new country. Since Pagan’s resignation remains secret agenda of the SPLM, I am of the view that it should be left for the SPLM to come to open and give the real reasons for the quit of its Secretary General. The issue of my concern is did Pagan want to resign from government or the SPLM? I am asking this question because if Comrade Pagan resigns from the government then we will all regret because Pagan had proved to be a good politician during the most difficult period with the Northerners.

I am saying this because politics in general is a game of dirty people and it may be the time for comrade Pagan to abort some of the dirty games of the Northern politicians. We should acknowledge that people of South Sudan managed to defeat Khartoum with support of Pagan. I am of the view that President Kiir should reject Pagan’s resignation from the government because ahead, dirty games are waiting for our independence. Mr. President, keep him in power at any cost.

But for some good reasons for Pagan to resign from the SPLM and I would wish SPLM Chairman to promptly accept his resignation because Pagan is a good administrator who will suit the government position. However I doubt his political ability to manage a big party like the SPLM. I am not a politician but I have the belief that comrade Pagan is to be blamed for the current mess in the SPLM. I may want someone to convince me that Pagan can manage the SPLM.

As a fellow comrade, I wish him to quit the party in a move to enjoy the resources of the oil producing nation like South Sudan. Pagan has run down the SPLM and if he remains there the party will cripple and finally it will split into small parties. I always hears  complains repeatedly against Pagan and  for the sake of unity, Pagan should organize farewell party in a move to quit his party position not ministerial.

While visiting institutions this week, I happened to visit offices of the National Secretariat of the SPLM near the airport and I found a dog sleeping in front of the door of SPLM at 11:30 a.m. This was a disturbing message because for a dog to sleep at a party entry shows that there are no party activities inside the offices and the blame should go to its boss who happens to be Pagan Amum.

As a person, I am of the view that Pagan should quit SPLM because his management style is similar to NGOs management style. His previous contributions to SPLM should be appreciated but he has taken long in the position.  Parties are not managed like NGOs and it is of great interest for the SPLM to encourage comrade Pagan to resign and join the government.

If SPLM is a public entity, my view is that Comrade Pagan should go for the interest of the SPLM unity and this should take effect before the formation of the government because majority will quit SPLM and this will put the new nation at risk. We should not fear to tell Pagan that he has failed to run the party and that it is time for him to go to the government and enjoy.  Majority of our ministers are those who failed in almost everything including elections but they are accommodated due to their contributions. Since we have achieved the independence of our Republic, it is our time to eat. Even those of us in the media started to lobby for positions of Payam administrations in the states.

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