Juba, Ramciel on South Sudan Soil, 20 Years Needed to Move Capital


President Salva Kiir Mayardit and his cabinet should feel at home in Juba and there is no need for them to hurry the South Sudan nation to a new capital at Ramciel within only five or six years the Council of Ministers has decided in its first meeting after swearing-in. The government needs more than twenty years to build Ramciel as a permanent, modern and beautiful capital city of South Sudan and then it can leave Juba with celebrations because it has been a home for us and will still be so even after going to Ramciel. We have just achieved our independence after 191 years under colonial rule which began in 1821 to 2011 and two months of being free is not enough to be able to move a capital. Let us remind ourselves that the oil giant Nigeria when Lagos became congested it took the government and not the indigenous Yoruba people of Lagos to move to a spacious area in the centre cut from some states around there to build Abuja which all Nigerians and the whole world welcomed. Despite the fact that Nigeria was economically strong with a good number of its own engineers it took over ten years to build and declare Abuja a new capital. While South Sudanese for sure will move out of Juba after just attaining independence we should not immediately begin with the issue of relocation as if all the other 70 tribes who are represented here in the South Sudan National Assembly, the cabinet, and government ministries and the security forces have committed a grave sin that they feel guilty and therefore want to hurry away from Juba. We have been good citizens of Juba even during the terrible days when the Arabs did all sorts of malice on the people. We have just achieved independence as a united South Sudan people and our immediate concern of the new Republic should be securing of all the lands of South Sudan including Abyei, Kafia Kingi and Hofrat Al Nahas near Raja in Western Bahr El Ghazal State and have clearly demarcated borderline between our country and the north which has shown every indication to keep our lands by force. Major General Clement Wani Konga, the Governor of Central Equatoria State is a military man and knows this situation very well. We need to secure all our lands first then resolve the problem of dependence on food from the neighbouring countries. We need to invest in agriculture by laying a concrete foundation of our food resource so that we are food dependant and food insecurity does not threaten our national interest and very foundation of our existence as a free people as it does now. When South Sudan is strong enough then we can think of constructing a new capital at Ramciel and leave Juba. One thing we South Sudanese must know is that Ramciel although it was selected by our visionary and great leader late Dr. John Garang de Mabior is the land of a section of Dinka people. They will be the host of all the representatives of the 71 tribes of South Sudan who will go there as parliamentarians, cabinet members, government officials, students when universities will be opened there.  The indigenous Dinka people of Ramciel should be from today be enlightened of the changes that are going to come in ten twenty years’ time in their territory so that there is no shock but harmony when the multitude of people begin to arrive there to take permanent residence. During the five years the government is to construct for them schools, hospitals, avail to them clean drinking water. The five years the ministers have decided should be for this work and opening and constructing of major roads also. It is this work that can be done within five or six years not relocating Juba which should take not less than 20 years.  We need to build our oil infrastructure, have a secured pipeline from the oil producing areas of the South to the Indian Ocean through Kenya. We should no longer remain at the mercy of the Arabs our former enemies. After our recognition of other  independent nations and be friends of people of the world it will not be long before the demagogic nation of Sudan Republic will find an excuse to block the oil pipeline when we start trading with our dear friends.  So South Sudan has to guard itself from all sorts of eventualities by developing all our means and capabilities. We need to construct roads and bridges to connect all the ten state capitals to each other and to construct good airports. After this we can move to Ramciel.

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