Limelight: Dhieu Williams Met Rays Muolana


Profile of An Artist
The Citizen Newspaper often traces the musicians of South Sudan in society and interviews them to share their ideas about arts and culture industry in the new Republic. Recently our Reporter Dhieu Williams met one of the artists and discussed with him his performance. Excerpts Question: What is your name?

Answer.My real name is  Reech Majok Deng.

Q. You said your real name is Reech, do you appear on the stage with a different name and if so what is that stage name with which the fans know you?

A. Yeah, I am popularly known by my fans as Rays Muolana meaning light that lights into what is good for South Sudan.

Q.How old are you?

A. Now I am 24 years old.

Q. What is the reason of choosing to be artist?

A. Reason is natural, I was born naturally a musician and I don’t feel good to keep my talent down. It is something I believed in myself and I think I made it and I can do it more.

Q. When did you start to be a musician and where in particular?

A. That was in 2009 while a fresh student admitted to a southern university in the north as a call from God.

Q. What is the number of tracks you have produced since that time to present?

A. I have two tracks, one I started and other one under recording.

Q. If you don’t mine, can you name them?

A. Trinity and unbelievable.

Q. Can you narrate the reason for naming soon to be out unbelievable?

A. It means miracle because at the time Sudan flag was lowered that of South Sudan rises high it was unbelievable. Millions of lives were lost so when time called for independent eyes believed and soul couldn’t believe.

Q. Mister what inspired you to become a musician?

A. It was a gift from God I can’t describe it and also didn’t long for fans to tell me many times I was a quality artist.

Q. How did you get funds, any assistance from anywhere, friends or relatives?

A. Funds depend on me because I work as part time and sometimes work for what is described today as hard jobs to pursue my dreams. None helped or financed me.

Q. What were the challenges you encounter in music industry?

A. No challenges I can praise God for that. The only challenge I meet is lack of finance of which it is not my personal problem but challenges to every South Sudanese and nobody should be blamed for it.

Q. What are your achievements?

A. My achievement is popularity and I experience wisdom in me when I sing. David and Solomon were good singers in those days so talent of music is vested upon wise people like me.

Q. What is you last message to your fans and the Citizen newspaper?

A. My last message to my fans is I first appreciate them. As they think about me, I too think about you and to the Citizen administration keep your neutrality of not belonging to any political party ruling or opposition.

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